Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hardcore Professors

People are getting excited if we talks about school especially when we're still young. We want to go to school to learn something new and to acquire knowledge. Until we reach the time of our tertiary level. We don't expect for a terrible thing to happen. To meet people who are mostly called "terror" or even a "hardcore professors". For the student, its really scary to talk and approach with them. We, students mostly avoid them for good and to have a brighter future in school. But, is it really them that we afraid of? Or are we just afraid of knowing our own weakness? Weakness in the sense that we can't be good at their lesson because we are the one that ignoring it and just take it for granted. Right now, all i can say is that there's no such thing as terror or whatever, it really depends on our own understanding and point of view. Maybe, we just can't reach their knowledge level but if we just try and study hard, i think those people will love us. hehehehe... :)

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