Friday, March 20, 2009

Bags are Dangerous...

According to experts, bags are really a carrier of different bacteria. Most of the bacteria commonly available in the bags are called e-coli and salmonella bacteria which can basically harm human beings. Based on their studies, those bacteria are present if the bags contain foods because bacteria need something to eat. And if we, place food to our bags, there's a big possibilities that those bacteria will be staying in our bags. Also, especially to women who uses bags most of the time, their bags can easily acquire bacteria because of the facts that they just place their bags anywhere they want to. Example, when they go to the bathroom, sometimes they place it in the floor or even in their offices or school they just place their bags anywhere that's why it can easily have bacteria on it. But we, must avoid it. We must clean our things, especially our bags and for sure before taking our meals, to avoid this harmful bacteria, we must wash our hands thoroughly.

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