Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've been living with this family since summer. I thought that its so nice and very happy to be with them but I found out that its really worst living with them. They all have the resources needed to survive in this world and to support all their needs. They usually called wealthy and lucky people in the society but there's a big lacking in their life and that's what ordinary people,the ordinary family have, the closeness among the family members and the undefeated bonding that make each one of the family happy and contented of what they have. Actually, I can say that they're lucky but people like us, yet not so wealthy are even luckier because of the happiness that our family could bring to us.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been dreaming to have a blog since I was high school and finally I got one during my 4th year. I'm creating my blog with my friends and I'm very happy during that time because finally, i already have a blog. I titled it as " the rising sun " because for me its the beginning of everything, the start for me to explore things and engage in every things that comes way. But as times pass by, I got busy and forget about my blog but today I continue my dream, this dream to expose me more in this things. And that's one of my reason to create another one to make my dream come true. hahaha!! :)