Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hail Storm in the Philippines

Yesterday, hail storm was experienced in Luzon, Philippines. It is due to the abnormal temperature of the country. The cold and hot temperature met causing to produce solid ice and made hail storm to happen. It commonly happen to other country like USA. It is very dangerous for it is raining solid ice that can destroy lots of property like plants and even the houses.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Earn Extra Money for Holiday Season

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bags are Dangerous...

According to experts, bags are really a carrier of different bacteria. Most of the bacteria commonly available in the bags are called e-coli and salmonella bacteria which can basically harm human beings. Based on their studies, those bacteria are present if the bags contain foods because bacteria need something to eat. And if we, place food to our bags, there's a big possibilities that those bacteria will be staying in our bags. Also, especially to women who uses bags most of the time, their bags can easily acquire bacteria because of the facts that they just place their bags anywhere they want to. Example, when they go to the bathroom, sometimes they place it in the floor or even in their offices or school they just place their bags anywhere that's why it can easily have bacteria on it. But we, must avoid it. We must clean our things, especially our bags and for sure before taking our meals, to avoid this harmful bacteria, we must wash our hands thoroughly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Day is OVER. . .

I'm so happy today. At last, we completed our inc. grade in our software engineering 2. Its very tiring but its OK because its worthy. Many of us today are rushing everything. Just to meet the deadline and possible to have a good grade in it. But we can't really avoid that sometimes even if we think that what we did is right and for good but still it hurts the others who are mainly responsible to that said activity especially if you don't include or inform that person. They might think that they are being over pass by those people. That's why, they get angry. Actually, maybe people have many reasons why they did such thing, but whatever it is they must first consider all the people envolve in it. Thanks a lot to all who supported us and encourage us...:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hardcore Professors

People are getting excited if we talks about school especially when we're still young. We want to go to school to learn something new and to acquire knowledge. Until we reach the time of our tertiary level. We don't expect for a terrible thing to happen. To meet people who are mostly called "terror" or even a "hardcore professors". For the student, its really scary to talk and approach with them. We, students mostly avoid them for good and to have a brighter future in school. But, is it really them that we afraid of? Or are we just afraid of knowing our own weakness? Weakness in the sense that we can't be good at their lesson because we are the one that ignoring it and just take it for granted. Right now, all i can say is that there's no such thing as terror or whatever, it really depends on our own understanding and point of view. Maybe, we just can't reach their knowledge level but if we just try and study hard, i think those people will love us. hehehehe... :)

Sleepless Nights...

I've been spending my nights almost 3 weeks working for our thesis, but still its not yet enough to finish it. I feel hopeless not only with this subject but also with the other one. Maybe its really my fault why it goes like this but i'm still trying hard and doing my best that i can to resolve this. I really don't know if i'm worth it but i think i'm really a mess in school. I'm the one responsible for my action, but my question is, is it really too late for me to cope up? I'm hoping that i can find the answer sooner.

Graduation Day is Approaching

It’s been a long time that we've waited for this moment to come in to our life. It is one of the most memorable and happiest days that ever happen to the life of the students, like me.It’s where we finally see the outcome of the hardship that we had during our school days. We, the students spent almost all of our nights studying our lessons just to pass those subjects. And now, we want to cherish this moment. But it’s not that easy. Many of us from our school especially from our course are totally depress of the outcome. Most of us are not graduating and it’s really hard and hurting us. Despite of the hard work, still we did not receive a price from it. But we are the most responsible for this outcome. Although we are doing our responsibilities but we are not taking it seriously. We just wasted our time for nonsense and just letting things to happen. That's why whatever the result is, it’s just right for us knowing that we did not do the best we can to successfully graduate this year. :(